A new garage door should last for anywhere from 5-15 years. However, there are times when garage doors need to be repaired. Whether inclement weather causes dents or a damaged spring makes it impossible for the door to open, repairing the door can help you avoid replacing it altogether. If you find yourself in this situation, you may feel compelled to repair the door yourself. There are, however, numerous reasons why you should avoid doing these repairs on your own.

Why You Shouldn’t Repair Garage Door Yourself

Even if you’ve completed DIY projects in the past, attempting to repair your garage door yourself can lead to additional damage and injuries.

You Don’t Have Proper Tools

One reason that you should avoid repairing your garage door is that you likely don’t have the right tools for the job. In most cases, fixing one of these doors requires complex and specialized tools. You could cause additional damage to the door when using the wrong tools.

Even though it’s possible to acquire the right tools, doing so will take a considerable amount of time and cost a lot of money. Instead of trying to purchase this equipment yourself, hire professionals who already have these tools on hand and will be able to deliver efficient repairs.

You Could Void the Warranty

One reason to avoid doing these repairs yourself is that your warranty could be voided. When the garage door was first installed in your home, there’s a good chance that you received a comprehensive warranty that provides coverage for a lengthy period. When your door is damaged or malfunctions, the warranty will cover some or all costs associated with repairs.

Keep in mind, however, that the majority of warranties won’t provide coverage if the door has been modified by the customer. If you make some changes yourself, you could void the entire warranty. In this scenario, you’ll need to pay for repair services out of your pocket, which can be costly. Many warranties offer coverage for repair services.

You Could Hurt Yourself

If your garage door requires a relatively minor repair, you might believe that the work required for this repair is simple. However, trying to complete a DIY garage door repair is highly risky because of the potential for injury.

If you don’t have the necessary knowledge and training, you could make a mistake that causes additional damage and injures yourself. Even the lightest garage doors weigh at least 100 pounds. If the door closes without any forewarning, you could be injured.

When you hire a professional technician to handle the job, they know what it takes to repair rollers, hinges, springs, and other components. For example, you should never attempt to replace springs yourself. Since these components are designed to hold the door’s entire weight, they have an extremely high tension.

If the spring loses this tension or breaks apart, the pieces could fly outward at a high speed and injure someone in the path. You can avoid worrying about injuries by hiring a professional to make the necessary repairs.

Issues Could Get Worse

You should also avoid trying to fix your garage door because doing so could easily worsen the issue. Garage doors house complex components and mechanisms that must coordinate with each other to raise and lower the door properly. If you use an incorrect technique, it’s possible that the damage will spread or new issues will arise. Some of the more common issues with trying to make these fixes yourself include misdiagnosing the problem, only making a temporary fix, and not finding the actual source of the issue.

Even though you might believe that not hiring a garage door service company will help you save money, any additional problems that occur while you attempt to fix the door can bring about much higher expenses later on. For example, the damage could be so extensive that an entirely new door is needed. When you hire a repair technician, the job will likely be completed the first time.

Why You Should Hire a Professional

There are many benefits that you’ll gain by hiring a professional technician to repair your garage door.

Keeps You Safe

Because of how heavy garage doors are, they need to be properly maintained, installed, and repaired to make sure that they’re functioning correctly. If the repair work is incorrect, the door may not open. Professionals have the experience and skills required to identify the source of any problem while also delivering an efficient fix. After the work is done, the door should be safe for you to use.

Highly Convenient Solution

By hiring professionals to repair your garage door, you’ll save a considerable amount of time. When a garage door technician performs the necessary repairs, they’re able to do so without wasting time, which allows you to get back to using your garage in short order.

Comprehensive Expertise

Garage door repair projects are often complex. The person who repairs the door needs to have an in-depth understanding of the numerous electrical and mechanical components found in the door. When you hire a reputable garage door service company, the technicians should have the expertise required to identify and repair all garage door issues.

Additional Warranty

If you hire professionals to handle these repairs, you should receive a warranty that covers the work they provide. There are times when repairs don’t provide lasting solutions. If the fix wasn’t effective, the warranty you have ensures that the company will return to fix the problem without asking for more money.

Can Control Costs

If you try to fix your garage door by yourself, your costs will likely increase. You’ll need to buy your tools and equipment while also making sure that you don’t cause further damage to the door. When you hire professionals for the job, you should receive a cost estimate before the project begins, which means that you’ll know what you’re paying for beforehand.

Increases Property Value

If you’re looking to maintain or increase your home’s value, your best option is to hire professionals. When your garage door is well-maintained, your home will be more functional. You’ll also benefit from increased curb appeal, which can be highly advantageous if you’re about to sell your home.

Schedule Preventive Maintenance

Professional garage door repair companies can also deliver preventive maintenance services that will help you keep the door in great condition and prevent future damage. Maintenance services include thorough inspections that involve cleaning every moving part. When a professional performs preventive maintenance, they can detect small issues before they turn into serious and costly problems.

When you need to repair your garage door, get in touch with our team at Lewis Door Service to make sure the necessary repairs are performed quickly and without mistakes. We can help you fix broken springs, non-opening garage doors, damaged panels, and faulty openers. Our repair services are available 24/7. You should also consider our garage door installation and maintenance services for your Louisville, KY home. Call Lewis Door Service today to schedule our installation services or learn about our financing solutions.

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