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Garage Door Repair Experts in Louisville, KY

Do you have to manually open and close your garage door each time you leave or come home? If so, you already know the frustration of having a broken garage door. You also see how important it is to have a garage door repair company you can trust at your disposal. Lewis Door Service is your team if you’re searching for experienced, knowledgeable, and honest professionals.

Our garage door repair experts in Louisville, KY, have years of extensive training and experience and can easily diagnose the problem with your garage door. Once we pinpoint the problem, we’ll quickly repair the worn or damaged parts using high-quality materials for lasting results and superior performance. When it comes to repairs in Jefferson County, KY, including Louisville, Jeffersontown, St. Matthews, Shively, and Middletown, there’s no one better than Lewis Door Service.

Top Signs You Have a Broken or Damaged Garage Door

Sometimes, it’s obvious when your garage door needs repairs from a professional, but other times, the problems can sneak by your notice until it’s too late for simple maintenance. To avoid the need for garage door replacements prematurely, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the signs you need garage door repair services.

Our garage door repair experts in Louisville, KY, can help you with the following:

  • A garage door that is slow to open: If your door takes longer than usual to open, this is often a sign that the system’s springs have started to wear out. Due to continual use, they may have lost some of their tension, leading to an inefficient door. The good news is that our specialists are experienced in garage door spring repair and can quickly get yours back in top condition.
  • A garage door that won’t open at all: A damaged garage door that will not operate could result from an array of things. The culprit may be broken springs, improper alignment of the sensors, damaged tracks, poorly lubricated rollers, or dead batteries in your remote. Our residential garage door repair professionals can help you troubleshoot your door, so you don’t have to worry about the problem disrupting your day any further.
  • A garage door that opens and closes of its own accord: If your garage door operates on its own, it severely compromises your home’s security and poses a safety hazard. You will want to have garage door repair experts in Louisville, KY, inspect the system to determine if the circuit board is malfunctioning, the limit settings need to be reset, or the control buttons are jammed.
  • A noisy garage door: Garage doors aren’t entirely silent while they operate, but they shouldn’t be driving you up a wall, either. If your door is producing a squeaky or grinding noise, it’s time to get in touch with a garage door repair company.

Garage Door Panel Repairs

Occasionally, damage to garage doors isn’t extensive, and simple repairs will suffice. This is often the case when a single panel has been dented or broken during a storm or accident. Our garage door repair experts in Louisville, KY, will thoroughly inspect your system to determine the best course of action. If your door can safely operate without a full replacement, we’ll repair the garage door panel, carefully matching the piece with the rest of your door for added aesthetics.

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Garage Door Cable Repairs

Does your garage door hang lower on one side than the other? This obvious sign of a broken garage door is often the result of worn-out cables. Another sign of bad cables is a door that keeps coming off its track. No matter how they present themselves, it’s important to have damaged cables fixed by a professional as soon as possible. Fortunately, we offer garage door cable repair services and can get your system back up and running in no time.

Broken Garage Door Seal Repair

Your garage door’s weather stripping helps regulate the garage’s temperature and prevents dirt, debris, insects, and water from seeping in. Unfortunately, if these seals break or become damaged, they can have severe consequences for your garage. The good news is that our professionals are just a phone call away. We’ll fix your broken garage door seals and ensure they adequately protect your home.

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While it may be tempting to try and fix a garage door yourself, we highly discourage you from doing this, as it compromises your safety and puts your home at risk of a failing garage door system. Instead of trying a DIY solution, turn to our residential garage door repair experts in Louisville, KY. Our knowledgeable technicians will garage door services with superior results without overcharging you.

Whether you live in Louisville, Jeffersontown, St. Matthews, Shively, or Middletown, KY, our experts are eager to serve you. Reach out to our team today to learn more about our repair services offered to residents in Jefferson County, KY. We also provide services for garage door openers and commercial services, so no matter your needs, we have a solution for you.