Lewis Door Service provides premier solutions for overhead doors in Louisville, KY. As a leading, top-rated overhead door company, we handle operations in-house.

Our customized products and comprehensive garage door services suit both residential and commercial properties in Louisville. 

Louisville, KY. Residential and Commercial Overhead Door Installation

An overhead door is often the unofficial gateway into a house. Most homeowners use the overhead door as an entryway more frequently than their main one.

Commercial Overhead Doors Louisville KY

Conversely, companies use overhead doors as designated loading and unloading zones. These doors are suitable for limited maneuvering space. The only logical design is for these doors to move up and down. On average, you will likely cross your home’s overhead door about 1,500 times yearly.

You should consider purchasing an annual garage door maintenance service to ensure optimal functionality and lasting garage door performance.

Reasons to consider installing an overhead entryway for your garage or warehouse:
  • Customizable to your taste
  • Added insulation
  • Blocks out excess noise
  • More room for floor storage
  • Improves outdoor appearance

An entryway that can withstand frequent use and always provides seamless entry is essential for business premises where wear and tear is heavy. Accidents happen, and your garage door might unexpectedly fail due to broken or worn-out springs, or you might accidentally drive into it.

Other challenges you may face include damaged panels, faulty or lost openers for automatic doors, or misaligned tracks. If you encounter any of these issues, don’t hesitate to call Lewis Door Service for fast repairs or replacements. You can trust our overhead door company to deliver quality, durable entryway doors that stand the test of time.

You can operate your overhead door manually or with an automatic door opener. The latter is particularly convenient when the weather is unfavorable in Louisville, and you don’t want to leave the car.

Automatic overhead doors are also ideal if you want to upgrade from a manually operated one. We understand that each overhead door is unique, and our clients have varying needs. That’s why we strive to customize provisions and door accessories to meet your preferences.

Since you can only securely lock garage doors from the inside, preventing water leakages or animals from entering your home is crucial. Durable seals or metal flashing are the best way to keep animals out.

Your garage is susceptible to flooding whenever it rains heavily in Louisville, so consider investing in threshold seals to keep out most of the water.