Commercial Overhead Doors play a crucial role in various Louisville, Kentucky industries, providing security, efficiency, and functionality.

Whether used in warehouses, retail spaces, industrial facilities, or agricultural buildings, these huge doors are essential for smooth operations.

Let’s take a look at many aspects of commercial overhead doors, covering overhead door repair, overhead door installation, and overhead door maintenance. We will touch on commercial overhead door pricing, but there are just too many variables to consider based on each building’s unique applications.

When you are ready to get an estimate, remember the trusted commercial overhead door pros at Lewis Door Service have been cared for Louisville, KY. area commercial building owners since 1973. Our Overhead Door Technicians are highly skilled at diagnosing any overhead door issue and performing the necessary repairs.

We are standing by to offer professional overhead door services. And yes, we even offer 24/7 Emergency Commercial Overhead Door service to make sure your facility is always safe!

Commercial Overhead Door FAQ’s

Commercial Overhead Door Service Louisville, KY

Understanding Commercial Overhead Doors

Commercial overhead doors are large, horizontal doors that move upwards and downwards to allow access to commercial buildings. They are used primarily in facilities like warehouses, garages, and industrial buildings to facilitate easy movement of goods and vehicles.

Types of Commercial Overhead Doors:
  • Sectional Doors: Made of panel sections connected with hinges
  • Rolling Steel Doors: Consists of individual slats that roll up into a coil
  • High-Speed Doors: Designed for areas requiring fast access
  • Fire-Rated Doors: Provide fire resistance to meet safety standards
What Types of Commercial Overhead Door Services Does Lewis Door Service Offer:
  • Key Continuous Duty Openers
  • Chain Hoists maintenance and repair
  • Heavy duty hinges
  • Commercial ribbed steel and Flush panels
  • Reverse angle steel
  • Vinyl back and Metal back
  • C Purlins/Z Purlins
  • Trolley Operators
  • Loading Dock Bumpers
Key Components of Commercial Overhead Doors:
  • Door Panels
  • The panels form the primary body of the door, made from steel, aluminum, or fiberglass to provide durability and security
Tracks and Rollers:
  • These guide the door’s movement, ensuring smooth opening and closing
Springs and Cables
  • Torsion springs and cables counterbalance the door’s weight, making it easy to lift manually or with an opener
Trolley Operator Door Openers
  • Motorized devices that automate the opening and closing of commercial overhead doors
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Common Commercial Overhead Door Issues
  • Broken Springs: One of the most frequent issues, leading to difficulty in door operation
  • Damaged Panels: Can result from impacts or wear and tear
  • Malfunctioning Trolley Operators: Electrical or mechanical failures
DIY Repairs? Not advisable, Lewis Door Service offers Highly-skilled Commercial Door Technicians
  • Safety First: Always disconnect the opener before performing any repairs
  • Basic Repairs: Simple fixes like replacing worn rollers or tightening loose hardware
When to Call a Commercial Door Professional
  • Complex Repairs: Issues involving springs and inoperative trolley operators
  • Anything that is related to high tension components of overhead doors
  • Persistent problems, repeated repairs, a commercial overhead door technician is needed

Commercial Overhead Door Parts Supplier

Here at Lewis Door Service we always choose parts from trusted manufacturing partners to ensure long lasting durability and customer satisfaction. There are many brands who offer good products. Watch the video below to learn more about one of our preferred Commercial Door Operators.

LiftMaster® Commercial Door Operator

Essential Spare Parts include springs and cables which are critical for door operation. Overhead door rollers and tracks may require frequent replacement parts due to excessive commercial wear.

Commercial Overhead Door Pricing

Factors Affecting Commercial Overhead Door Prices
  • Material: Steel doors are generally more expensive than aluminum or fiberglass
  • Size: Larger doors cost more due to additional materials and labor
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  • Features: Insulated doors and those with advanced openers will increase costs
Finding a Commercial Overhead Door Company Near You
  • Tips for Choosing the Right Company
  • Reputation: Choose companies with positive Google reviews and testimonials
  • Experience: An experienced company will likely provide better service and expertise
Why It’s Best To Use a Local Overhead Door Provider
  • Quick Response: 24/7 Emergency Overhead Door Services
  • Local companies typically provide faster service and support
  • Community Knowledge: Familiar with local building codes and requirements
Commercial Overhead Door Opener Types
  • Chain-Driven: Durable and cost-effective, but noisier
  • Belt-Driven: Quiet operation, great for buildings where noise is a concern
  • Direct-Drive: The motor moves along a stationary chain, providing smooth and quiet operation
What Overhead Door Features Are Important to Look For?
  • Safety Sensors: Prevent accidents by reversing the door if an obstruction is detected
  • Smart Connectivity: Allows remote operation and monitoring through mobile devices
  • Commercial Overhead Door weather tight seals

The importance of proper sealing cannot be stressed enough. Skipping this step is not an option. Seals help in maintaining temperature control, reducing energy costs, and keeping out pests and debris. There are many types of Commercial Overhead Door Seals. Bottom Seals are installed at the bottom edge of the door to seal the gap. Perimeter Seals cover the sides and top to provide a complete seal.

For Preventive Maintenance for Commercial Overhead Doors, Lewis Door Service offers a few packages that keep your doors working smoothing all season long. Ask your Technician or call our office anytime to discuss Commercial Overhead Door Maintenance Plans.

Without a Annual Overhead Door Maintenance Plan we still suggest regular inspection routines. In-House monthly checks could include inspecting the trolley operators, springs, cables, rollers, and tracks for wear. For DIY overhead door lubrication, we’re glad to make suggestions for the in between intervals of our Maintenance Agreements. Keeping all moving parts properly lubricated ensures smooth operation and less repairs.

Louisville, KY. Commercial Overhead Door Maintenance Best Practices

Tighten the Hardware, regularly check and tighten all bolts and screws. For cleaning, you must keep tracks and door surfaces clean to prevent obstructions and corrosion. Commercial overhead doors are vital for the functionality and security of many businesses.

Understanding their components, maintenance needs, and repair options helps ensure they operate smoothly and last longer. Investing in quality parts and professional overhead door services is essential for optimal performance.

Commercial Overhead Door Questions Building Owners Ask

What is the average lifespan of a commercial overhead door?
  • The average lifespan is about 15-20 years, depending on usage and maintenance
How often should commercial overhead doors be serviced?
  • At least once 1X a year, but Spring and Fall is a best practice. More frequent for high-usage doors
Can I install a commercial overhead door myself?
  • While it’s possible, professional installation is highly recommended for safety and proper setup
What should I do if my overhead door won’t open or close?
  • Check for obstructions, ensure the opener is working, and inspect the springs and cables
  • If the problem persists, call a commercial overhead door professional like Lewis Door Service
How much does it cost to replace a commercial overhead door opener?
  • Replacement openers costs range from $750 to $2500 or more plus installation labor
Are there energy-efficient options for commercial overhead doors?
  • Yes, insulated doors and high-efficiency openers can significantly improve energy efficiency
How do I find a reliable commercial overhead door repair service?
  • Look for companies with good reviews, proper licensing, and extensive experience
What are the benefits of insulated commercial overhead doors?
  • They provide better temperature control, noise reduction, and energy savings
Can overhead door seals be replaced?
  • Yes, seals can be replaced to maintain effective insulation and protection
What are the signs that my commercial overhead door needs repair?
  • Unusual noises, difficulty in operation, visible damage, and frequent breakdowns are key indicators.