When you encounter a squeaky or uneven garage door, come to Lewis Door Service for garage door repair in Shepherdsville, KY. On average, a home’s garage door is opened more than 1,500 times yearly. This constant usage may wear out the tracks, springs, wires, safety sensors, opener motor, and more. Routine maintenance can minimize your risk of a garage door issue. When you need to repair your garage door, call the Shepherdsville, KY. Garage Door Pros.

There’s always a chance you may suddenly find your door isn’t responsive to your clicker. Our experienced team will have no problem restoring your comfort and convenience with our exterior garage door repair services.

Garage Door Repair in Shepherdsville

Many garage door systems operate similarly, regardless of whether garage doors are made from steel, aluminum, wood, or fiberglass. For example, you may need to replace a panel if it’s scratched, dented, or cracked. When moisture gets inside the door, it can ruin the insulation and impact the stability of the wood. Getting issues corrected fast will prevent you from struggling with a substantial mold or rot problem that could result in a need for a replacement.

Other significant components of your garage door system are the rollers and tracks. The rollers are the wheels attached to your garage door, enabling it to open or close. They require service when they come loose or begin to jerk along the track. If these parts can’t roll quickly and efficiently, they may freeze your door in place or be unable to lift it. A garage door that stutters as it rises could have a bent or corroded track. Don’t forget to watch out for issues with your springs because they are vital to storing the energy needed to operate your garage door.

When your door starts making strange noises or refuses to respond to pressed buttons, it can be tempting to try servicing the system yourself. While it might be easy to find the necessary replacement parts on your own, repairing your garage door is not recommended. These systems are heavy and pose significant crushing and injury risks when malfunctioning. You could easily cause damage to yourself as well as your vehicle or other belongings.

There are many amazing advantages when relying on professionals to service your garage door repair:
  • Prevents the spread of damage
  • Ensures garage door’s safety
  • Guaranteed high-quality results
  • Increases garage lifespan