A garage door is one of the most used entrances to any home. It provides convenient access for parking vehicles and storing belongings. Like any frequently utilized mechanical system, garage doors can develop issues over time that prevent them from working at peak performance. One common problem that garage door owners face is a door that opens painfully slowly. This not only causes daily frustration but can also indicate underlying problems that will only get worse if not addressed.

At Lewis Door Service, we are a trusted garage door service company that has been assisting homeowners throughout Kentuckiana for years. Our experienced technicians have seen every garage door issue imaginable and can efficiently diagnose and resolve any problems that are causing your door to lag.

Old and Worn-Out Garage Door Springs

One of the most common reasons why your garage door is opening slowly is old and worn-out springs. The torsion springs installed above the door provide the counterbalance that allows the heavy door to open with little effort. However, these springs undergo constant extreme tension and will eventually lose their stiffness and strength. Weakened garage door springs make the door feel much heavier and force the electric opener to work harder against the weight, resulting in a slower opening time.

Replacing either one broken spring or a full set of springs past the useful life span is often the ideal solution to restore speed to a lagging garage door. Our technicians at Lewis Door Service are spring professionals who can specify and install replacement springs properly tuned to lift your door quickly and safely once again. We use only industry-leading brands to ensure a long spring life span going forward.

Garage Door Off Its Tracks

Another issue that can cause a garage door to move slowly when opening is the door coming off its metal tracks. The rollers at the end of each panel section ride along the vertical and horizontal tracks as the panels articulate. If the rollers come out of position in the tracks due to damage or misalignment, it can create heavy friction and resistance that hinders smooth operation.

Getting the door panels perfectly realigned and the rollers inside the tracks once again is key. Our experts at Lewis Door Service have specialized tools and knowledge to diagnose track issues causing doors to be stubborn. They can make any necessary adjustments for ideal door/track interaction. Properly tracking all garage door panels ensures the fastest opening time.

Imbalanced Garage Door

For a garage door to run at prime efficiency, it needs to be completely balanced. This means that each side is bearing equal weight as the door opens and closes. If one side of the door becomes heavier than the other, possibly due to panel damage or broken springs, it can create enough imbalance to make the opener work harder while lifting the door. This leads to slow upward movement as the opener struggles against the uneven forces.

Determining which side of the door is too heavy allows our technicians at Lewis Door Service to make targeted adjustments to springs or hardware and redistribute the weight evenly again. Once balanced properly, the opener can lift the door smoothly and quickly as intended. Eliminating imbalance removes friction and resistance for fastest operation.

Damaged Garage Door Cables

Steel cables running inside the garage door springs and pulleys are essential for proper functioning as they lift and lower the door. However, these cables gradually wear from extreme tension and can eventually fray and break from the stress. Any damaged cables put more strain on other components, causing the door to move slowly and unevenly.

Our specialists at Lewis Door Service always thoroughly inspect cables and replace any that are kinked, frayed, or broken. They only use cables specifically engineered for garage doors and intended to handle the demands of frequent use over years of service. Regular spring checks paired with cable maintenance inspections reduce wear and promote smooth traveling.

Garage Door Opener Weak From Age

Like any motorized device, garage door openers have a service life, after which performance begins to decline. Factors like age and run time can cause the opener motor to lose rotational power and torque compared to other components. A weaker opener motor struggles in lifting the full weight of the door, needing more time to slowly inch the door fully open against the forces working against it. This often worsens gradually over time.

When opener problems are contributing to decreased door speed, our team at Lewis Door Service can determine if motor adjustments and maintenance will suffice or if a complete unit replacement is the most appropriate remedy. We offer several upgrade options that can provide faster open-and-close cycles perfect for daily use. An improved opener motor ensures your door will operate at peak performance.

Grease Buildup in Tracks

For a garage door’s tracks to allow free movement and minimize friction, they need to be clean and free of debris. However, dirt and other garage contaminants can mix with the grease applied inside the tracks. Over months and years of use, thick grease residue accumulates, causing sluggish travel as the rollers must work harder to spin through the messy coating.

Our experts at Lewis Door Service have industrial cleaners that can dissolve and remove built-up grease from tracks. Our thorough cleaning prepares the tracks for fresh lubricant that ensures everything moves freely. Keeping tracks clean for the rollers minimizes resistance for quickest door operation each time.

Improperly Installed Garage Door

When a garage door and opener system are not properly installed initially, a variety of problems can result, causing inconsistent movement from the get-go. During the install, if the springs are not calibrated and tensioned optimally for the door’s size and weight, it can create balance issues and excessive resistance. This leads to delays in the door’s opening right away.

If original installation errors are affecting door speeds, in many cases, our technicians at Lewis Door Service can make adjustments to an existing door and opener installation to get it working correctly. Other times, a full removal and re-installation are needed to reset everything properly. Our expertise allows us to get any garage door installation operating at ideal specifications.

Obstacles Blocking the Path

Even small objects left inadvertently blocking the pathway of a garage door can stop it from opening fully. Items like shovels, hoses, balls, or fallen tree limbs only need to protrude a few inches to obstruct panel movement, resulting in sluggish starts and stops as the door struggles to open. Clearing away any obstructions and keeping the area tidy allows unhindered operation.

Schedule Garage Door Service

If your garage door has started opening too slowly for convenient use, contact our specialists at Lewis Door Service to schedule garage door repair service. We have same-day and next-day appointments available to restore fast functioning to your garage door.

In addition to garage door service, Lewis Door Service offers affordable opener repair and installation. Our other services include new door installation, custom doors, remote troubleshooting, and smart door integration. With one of our Lewis Door Service year-round maintenance plans, you can prevent future operational issues and sustain peak performance through all seasons. If you’re located anywhere in or near Louisville, call us today to experience our friendly expertise firsthand. We also offer emergency services!

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