At Lewis Door Service, we are your trusted leaders in professional garage door opener installation in Crestwood, KY. Whether your doors get stuck every time you try to raise or lower them or your remote no longer works properly, you can look to us to have the best and most affordable solutions. We are Crestwood, KY’s Best Garage Door Company.

We have a team of highly trained garage door opener repair technicians who are familiar with and ready to fix these and other common types of problems with your garage door opener. Rather than wait another day to have them serviced, reach out to us to take advantage of our experienced and speedy installation and repair services today.

Crestwood Experienced Garage Door Installation

After years worth of daily use, your garage door opener may start to malfunction. You may no longer be able to raise and lower your garage doors at the touch of a button. You might find using your opener more of a headache than a convenience.

You may even have to resort to getting out of your car and opening and closing the doors by hand. This option can be a headache when you have to get out in cold and inclement weather. You may even worry about your security having to exit your vehicle just to raise and lower the doors to your garage.

Our technicians can offer you solutions, including changing out the garage door opener battery with a top-quality new one. These options may be less time-consuming and costly than you imagine.

There are several advantages offered with our garage door opener installation services:
  • Easier opening and closing of your garage doors
  • High-quality parts used to make repairs to your opener
  • Service guarantees on your new opener installation and repairs
  • Reliable functioning of your garage door remote
  • Avoiding having to get out of your car to open and close the doors manually

These benefits outweigh simply keeping your faulty doors in place and using a remote that does not work reliably. You can solve all of the problems with your garage doors when you take advantage of our professional garage door opener repair services.