Lewis Door Service excels at garage door opener installation in Shepherdsville, KY. A garage door opener is the component responsible for controlling when and how your garage door opens and closes. When your opener begins to fail due to old age or another issue, it can leave your door moving sluggishly. We are Shepherdsville Local Garage Door Experts.

You may even find your door unable to respond to your commands or moving in the opposite direction than you want. Fortunately, our garage door opener repair and replacement services can quickly address the root issue and protect your door from causing more damage.

Shepherdsville Garage Door Opener Installation

A chain drive opener is one of the oldest options available. It’s also the most popular option used in homes today thanks to its easy, low-cost installation. You can tell if you have this type of opener by checking to see if you notice a chain connecting your central motor to the door. A few of the other common opener models include the belt drive and screw drive options. Recent advancements have also made it possible to utilize smart door openers that enable you to control your door through your smartphone.

The average opener will last about 10 to 15 years. A few factors, like excessive use and extreme weather conditions, can shorten this lifespan. While different garage door openers can vary in how they operate, they tend to struggle with a similar range of problems. Garage door openers can begin to malfunction when their internal transmissions fail. There may also be issues with the wiring if it frays or fails, which will impact the opener’s power supply.

Pinpointing the cause of your garage door’s sudden problems can be difficult to discern for the untrained eye. Save your money and time by bringing in highly trained and experienced garage door technicians. Our experts will have no problem determining if you need to replace the garage door opener battery or opt for a new installation. Working with professionals guarantees lasting results that keep your garage and home secure.

Watch for these key warning signs that indicate you may need garage door opener service soon.
  • Loud vibrations or functioning noises
  • Inconsistent garage door operation
  • Lights not working
  • Not closing all the way