Whether you are constructing a new home or are upgrading an existing home, Lewis Door Service has all your garage door installation in Crestwood, KY covered. We are considered the Garage Door Experts in Crestwood, KY.

Sturdy garage doors are a necessity for protecting your car and can offer an extra layer of protection for your home. Garage doors experience plenty of wear and tear with their exposure to the elements and all the moving parts associated with them.

Eventually, even those of the highest quality may need garage door replacement.

Garage Door Installation in Crestwood

When it comes time for you to choose a new or replacement garage door, there are so many styles, materials, and colors available. You may want something traditional and made of solid wood or you might be looking for something more contemporary and durable.

We can help you with a selection that meets your aesthetic and desired security and longevity.

Varieties of garage door installations that we build and offer include:
  • Classic and detailed solid wood
  • Modern framed glass
  • High-security metal
  • Practical insulated fiberglass or vinyl
  • Customized solutions

Garage door replacement is a bit of a science that is best left to the professionals. The door needs to fit the opening precisely. A well-engineered and properly sized door will ensure protection from both the weather and intruders.

Equally important are the tracks, springs, and operating mechanisms. We will choose or customize the best door solution for your garage. We will also install a motorized garage door opener that is appropriate for the weight of the new door.

When a repair is no longer viable, the advantages of garage door replacement include better fit and improved security, an increase in curb appeal, and added home value. If your garage is attached to your home, you can benefit from the newer garage door styles that are insulated and more energy efficient.