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Local Garage Door Installation in Louisville, KY

Garage doors not only protect your car — they also act as an extra layer of security for your home and loved ones. Because of their vital role, it’s essential to partner with a reputable garage door installation company. Whether you need to replace an old door or add one to your newly constructed home, we have a range of new garage doors you will surely fall in love with. Not only that, but our experts will help you install the door safely and efficiently, promising years of reliable use.

We offer our local garage door installation services in Louisville, KY, and the surrounding areas, including Jeffersontown, St. Matthews, Shively, and Middletown, KY. When you need garage door services you can rely on, our Jefferson County, KY, team will be there.

How Our Garage Door Installers Can Help You

Many homeowners needing new garage doors assume they can handle the installation themselves. After all, there are video tutorials and instructions for everything online nowadays. While you may be tempted to complete a DIY installation, we encourage you to reconsider.

Garage doors weigh hundreds of pounds and consist of dozens of intricate parts. Each part must be installed correctly to ensure the door functions properly. If one thing is out of sorts, you could damage the entire system or cause serious injury to yourself or a loved one. Instead of risking the door’s integrity and your safety, hire a residential garage door replacement company to do the installation correctly the first time.

Our local garage door installation experts in Louisville, KY, make replacing an old, worn-out garage door easy and stress-free. We’ll help you browse our selection of garage door models, choosing the material, design, style, and color that best compliments your home. Whether you’re interested in a traditional steel door for its durability or a carriage house-style door for its contemporary aesthetics, you will surely find something you love. If you don’t see a door you’re looking for, we can help you with an alternative solution: custom garage doors! No matter the type of door you settle on, you can rely on our garage door installers to complete your project with skill.

Garage Door Repairs & Replacements

Considering the fact that garage doors are opened and closed several times a day, it’s not surprising that they will eventually succumb to the effects of wear and tear. When this happens, you need professional garage door services from our Louisville, KY, technicians. We can perform repairs on any make and model of door and will provide a solution that will give you more use out of your door. Our repairs include solutions for broken springs, bent tracks, damaged panels, malfunctioning openers, and more!

When a repair no longer serves your needs, you can rely on our team for quality garage door replacements. A new door can improve your system’s functionality and boost your home’s curb appeal. There’s really no downside! If it’s time for a new door, we’ll help you choose one that meets your needs and aesthetic preferences. We offer doors in various materials, including steel, aluminum, and wood — each promising to withstand extreme temperatures and weather conditions for outstanding results. We even specialize in custom garage doors, so you can get everything you need. If you’re tired of your door’s poor performance and appearance, don’t hesitate to contact local garage door services.

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Garage Door Maintenance Services

The best way to avoid costly breakdowns is to invest in routine maintenance. However, we understand it is not entirely feasible for homeowners to inspect or care for their garage door systems, which is why we offer annual garage door services in Louisville, KY, and the surrounding areas.

We’ll extend the life of your garage door and reduce your chances of incurring emergency costs and safety issues by checking your system for wear and corrosion, lubricating moving parts, testing the door’s balance, and inspecting the opener. This type of routine maintenance allows us to catch signs of minor issues early and provide necessary repairs or part replacements before inconvenient breakages occur. Don’t risk losing your garage access; speak to our team about annual maintenance.

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Trust Lewis Door Service for All Your Local Garage Door Services

When your garage door isn’t performing as needed, you need the professionals at Lewis Door Service. We offer comprehensive garage door services throughout Jefferson County, KY, including Louisville, Jeffersontown, St. Matthews, Shively, and Middletown, KY. Our knowledgeable team will quickly get to the bottom of your problem and provide exceptional results. So contact us today to book a service appointment with the best team in the area.